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Favorite Family Tradition


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. Actually, everyday should be a day of Thanksgiving. My family loves to celebrate this holiday.


It is a yearly tradition for our family to gather at my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. I always look forward to this event. My cousins and other family members that I do not get to see often are there. My grandma and other family members prepare a big meal. There is always plenty for everyone. The main thing is of course the turkey. I like turkey, especially the legs. My uncle never eats turkey. He says it is an ugly bird, and he doesn’t want to eat it. When I was younger, I would always want to get the wishbone and break it. We also have sides to go along with the turkey. Everyone loves my grandma’s mashed potatoes. We also have rolls, dressing, cranberry sauce, and yams. Then, for dessert we have fresh pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Before we eat everyone always gathers around the table and someone says the blessing.


Thanksgiving is always a good time of fellowship and bonding for my family. We usually watch some of the parade on television or a football game. Sometimes after everyone is done eating, we play card games like Rook. You can see why this is a favorite tradition for my family. I wish we could do it more often.