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Scholarship Recipients

The Kevin Wayne Triplett Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Megan Makaley Vannoy - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2019 - $1,000

"I have always had a desire to help those that are less fortunate. I think my biggest influence has been my struggle. I have been going to Brenner Children's Hospital since I was two. I have always felt welcomed there, so I want to one day return the favor and work there." –Megan Vannoy

Megan's career goal is to graduate from college with a degree in nursing.

Emma Presley Sheets - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2018 - $1,000

"I want to change the world, and everyone knows that about me. I want to make a difference and be a voice for those that cannot or will not speak up for themselves. One day, I hope to start a nonprofit for women's rights." –Emma Sheets

Emma will be attending Wake Forest University majoring in politics and international affairs with postgraduate plans to obtain a law degree.


Sydney Grace Bell - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2017 - $1,000

"I want to work in the nursing field so I can help people as they encounter health issues. I have seen firsthand the difference nurses make in someone’s recovery. I will do what it takes to be successful and accomplish my goals." –Sydney Bell

Sydney plans to attend UNC Charlotte, graduate with a nursing degree, and become a nurse practitioner.


Abby Kristina Dawson - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2016 - $1,000

"It is my dream to become a nurse and help others as they have helped me. I fell in love with the pediatric oncology unit (kids with cancer unit) at the Brenner Children's Hospital at WFU Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. My heart ached to see those young people and children going through such serious illnesses. Yet, I was amazed to see that they had such positive attitudes and could still find a reason to smile and laugh every day." -Abby Dawson  

Abby will be majoring in nursing at Liberty University and plans to become a nurse.


Maty Evelyn Brannock - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2015 - $1,500

"Caring for others and their needs has become my mission, showing people love with no conditions not only in my career but in life as well. Traveling to other countries and helping others medically and spiritually is what I feel lead to do."  –Maty Brannock

Maty will be majoring in nursing at Liberty University and plans to become a missionary nurse.



Savannah Grace Ellis - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2014 - $1,500

"I have always been taught to love others over all else, even when you feel you have no love left to give. I have been taught that I can always reach my dreams, so I should always dream big. I have been taught that God has a special purpose for each person, and that we are to give Him praise in all circumstances. I pray that my life will be a testimony of His love, faith, and hope."  –Savannah Ellis

Savannah will be studying Communication Sciences and Disorders

at Appalachian State University.



Adrianna Nicole Rowland - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2013 - $1,500

"It is because of my mother's struggle that I am the person I am today. I have a dream. I hope to help others more than I seek to help myself. I have developed a passion for other people. I want to touch lives and hearts through my career. This scholarship will help me leave a lasting impact on our community and on each patient I have the privilege to care for."  -Adrianna Rowland

Adrianna's goal is to become a registered nurse.


Cory William Church - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2012 - $1,500

"I watched Kevin and admired him for his strength to follow his dreams. This not only allowed me to do my best but also taught me that no matter what life throws at you, dreams can become reality if you are determined to make them happen."  -Cory Church

Cory plans to major in computer software engineering, obtain a master’s degree in computer software, and become a corporate officer in a major corporation.


Anna Elizabeth Bishop - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2011 - $1,500


"The death of my mother has made me the person I am today. I live each and every day hoping my actions please and satisfy her. She is truly my role model and someone who influences my life daily. I know she would not want me to give up just because life might get hard but to strive to achieve success."  -Anna Bishop


"I want to learn as much as I can about cancer. I want to know what my mother went through, exactly what was happening in her body and the treatments that she had to endure. I want to devote my life to researching all possible cures for cancer in honor of my mother."  -Anna Bishop


Anna's goal is to graduate from college with a biology or pre-med degree and go into the medical field.



Hannah Blair Sheets - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2010 - $1,500

"My experience with cancer has opened my eyes and made me realize my purpose in life. I want to devote my life to helping people feel better, especially children, and change someone's life or help improve someone's quality of life. I could not ask for more."  -Hannah Sheets

Hannah's career goal is to obtain a bachelor's degree in nursing from ASU and specialize in pediatric oncology.



Sarah Elise Taylor - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2009 - $1,500

"Facing an adversity (epilepsy) has helped me realize not to take life and good health for granted. Life is the most valuable possession."  -Sarah Taylor

Sarah's career goals are to make her parents proud of her, to be as successful as possible in life, and to major in music (piano) which she has studied for eleven years.

Brittany Michelle Blankenship

Brittany Michelle Blankenship - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2008 - $1,250

"Even after multiple knee surgeries due to my rheumatoid arthritis, I am determined to never give up on my dream of going to college."  -Brittany Blankenship

Brittany's career goal is to become a radiologic technologist.


Tommy Lee Testerman

Tommy Lee Testerman - West Wilkes High School - Class of 2007 - $1,000

"Looking back, I think my heart condition has made me a stronger person. Knowing that everyday we have is so precious, and we should not waste them, is why my education is important to me. Receiving this scholarship is the greatest honor of my life."  -Tommy Testerman

Tommy's career goal is to become a respiratory therapist. 


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