Wayne Triplett
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Poem 3

I Dream Of You In Heaven


I dream of you in heaven,
My one love for all my life.
Yet as I sit here crying,
I can't control my strife.
You battled long and hard,
Six years you made it through.
Yet now I sit here crying,
For I'm still in love with you.
I never thought this day would come,
You were immortal in my eyes.
So strong in your fight with cancer,
You were the love for all my life.
So here I am alone in bed,
Dreaming of you in a distant land.
Now all I have are faded dreams,
Lost in a sea of memories.
You were the one who took my heart and soul,
Who battled more than most could know,
I know that you are gone Kevin,
But I dream of you in heaven.


by Larisa Kilby