Wayne Triplett
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Plans and Goals for the Next Five, Ten, and Twenty Years


What will I be doing in the next few years? After I finish high school, I plan on going to college for a couple of years and then maybe transfer to Appalachian. I’m not exactly sure what kind of career I want to have. Well, I know what I’d like to be doing. I’d like to be full time in a band. I might go into teaching. I have thought about becoming some kind of history teacher, maybe high school history. I still plan to continue working at Wendy’s. I am going to try and play guitar as much as I can and try to become the best player I can be. Basically, I just want to stay in Wilkes County for awhile.


Further on down the road, I plan on getting married sometime, if it is meant to be. There is a season for everything. I want to enjoy my single life for awhile before I commit to marriage. As you can tell from my autobiography, my family and friends mean a lot to me. I hope I will have plenty of good times with them in the future. If I ever get married, I plan on having at least two children. I don’t want one to have to grow up alone.


I just want to have a healthy quality of life and enjoy being alive. If I continue to have health problems, it will be okay. I will be optimistic and persevere through them. I want to help others in whatever ways I can and develop close relationships with people. These are some of my plans and goals.